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6 Ways to Increase Views on your Instagram Story

Updated: Feb 6

The story feature on Instagram is a relatively newer concept as compared to the app itself. Instagram introduced the story feature after being inspired by Snapchat. Although almost all social media networking sites today have the story-feature on them, including LinkedIn and Twitter, Instagram stories have an exponential reach and appeal towards its users.

Instagram stories act as teasers to the main content, and have a much a higher reach than posts itself May it be personal or a business account, stories on Instagram gives a boost to your existing content. So let’s look at a few ways on how to use this feature to its potential.

How to use hashtags?

1. Use a Lot of Hashtags

Hashtags are used to promote a specific campaign or as a marketing strategy. When an influencer uses hashtags on their stories or posts, not only does it link their content to the ongoing trend, but it also allows their followers to become a part of the trend. Users often use hashtags just on their posts, but many don’t know that hashtags can also be used in stories as well. A stealthy way of using hashtags in your stories is to write them and decrease the font size and hide them in a color that matches the background. Another way is to put a sticker or a GIF over the hashtags. Instagram also lets you take a bunch of text and place it completely out of the frame.

With these steps you can hide the extra hashtags you don’t wish to showcase at the same time increase your reach.

2. Use Location Tags

Similar to Hashtags, Location Tags too expand the reach of your stories. When viewers surf on Instagram they come across stories from appealing locations and most of the times they tend to look for more content by other influencers and content creators. This is a great way to seen by users because you deliver exactly the type of content they need.

While adding location tags you can either place it inside your frame where viewers can openly see the location of your story, but just like hashtags you can conceal them behind stickers or reduce its size or even take out of the frame.

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