Amplify, and elevate your social media presence!

This week, we bring to you everything you need to know to amplify, and elevate your social media presence. Content creation is a tricky business, mainly because of just how much content is already available for consumers to devour. Then, there is the fear of getting redundant with your content game, and hitting a block with no ladder in sight. How does one jump through the hurdles of staying relevant in a world which is ever-changing?


We are here to help you wade through any current that may look strong enough to suck you in the digital content hole with our tips, tricks, hacks, gear and app recommendations. While it may be overwhelming, and/or intimidating to join a field that already has ample content, and a plethora of successful creators, one should never forget that everyone begins their journey from somewhere. Let us help you help yourself become a content creator of your dreams.

Things to keep in mind before you begin:

Select two platforms to upload content. This will help in cross-posting, and increasing your visibility.

  1. Create a profile/website: ensures you are in control of the narrative.

  2. Design a content plan: choose your topics, pick your schedule, draw it out.

  3. Create your brand: you will need a color scheme, a logo, and a bio.

  4. Identify ways to improve: your craft focuses on research, product investment, and outsourcing.

  5. Discover diverse income streams: platforms, and clients.

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