An in house production house owned and operated by the team behind Creators Network India. While we promote and manage content creators and influencers, it sprung to our mind that what is stopping us from creating our content too!

This brain-child has been brewing in our minds for quite some time and now we are finally implementing it.

We at CREATORS NETWORK Originals work on creating captivating, engaging and (sometimes) thought-provoking content, in fiction and non-fiction genres. Our aim is to entertain and educate our audience and viewers with an array of series releasing soon. We intend on delving into stories from the most trivial to the most complex of narratives. 

Await for these series as we plan to drop them soon on YouTube like I HATE MODI... for being a genius, Bharat: Ek Khoj, Does Everything Happens for Good and much more

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I HATE MODI... for being a genius  is our pilot production revolves around an in-depth analysis of the various strategies and tactics used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the course of his premiership. It is a commentary on how an individual can use all the resources available at their disposal and make the most of it, for better or for worse.

Watch Season 1 of #IHateModi for being a genius releasing on the 9th of April, 2021 on


YouTube channel and find out if you can resonate with his ideas. 

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India is a land of diversity. Join us on your journey to find the hidden gems of Incredible India

CREATORS NETWORK Originals presents a brand new series - "Bharat Ek Khoj". This series is all about finding the hidden gems of our Incredible India.


Bharat Ek Khoj will take you through some roads less traveled, unexplored places, brilliant architecture, and some unsung heroes. Join us in our journey as we uncover some of the fasicanting people, communities, cultures, places and so much more of this marvelous nation called India.